Who is eligible for the OSTATE Spirit Band?

  1. BulletAll members of the OSU Community are eligible for the Band.  Common instrumentation is:

  2. Bullet4 Piccolos

  3. Bullet4 Clarinets

  4. Bullet6 Alto Sax

  5. Bullet4 Tenor Sax

  6. Bullet16 Trumpets

  7. Bullet6 Mellophones

  8. Bullet12 Trombones

  9. Bullet4 Baritones

  10. Bullet4 Sousaphones

  11. Bullet2 Drummers

  12. Bullet2 Bass

How much time does the Spirit Band take?

  1. BulletWe rehearse on Monday evenings from 6:00-6:50pm in the Fall and 5:30-6:30pm in the spring. These rehearsals will begin in November and will go through February (during school). Games per week vary - usually around 1.5 games per week. We meet at Gallagher-Iba 45 minutes before each game.  Full band will perform at all Men’s games and the band will split into A and B band for Women’s games and Wrestling.

What are the "perks" for being in the Band?

  1. BulletSince we meet only 45 minutes before tip-off, you save all that time you would spend waiting for the gates to open to get a seat - AND your seats are reserved.

  2. BulletTravel with the team to Big XII and NCAA tournaments (maximum 30 people - determined by seniority, part, and ability).

  3. BulletLeading the spirit in Gallagher-Iba Arena!

If I have a conflict, is it possible to miss a game?

  1. BulletConflicts do occur during the basketball season. Valid conflicts MUST be approved by Mr. Bovenschen in advance. Subs can be utilized occasionally when you have valid conflicts.  Gigs during the break are not required but your attendance is very helpful if you are in town (to assist the OSU Alumni Spirit Band)!

Director: Wayne Bovenschen

Email: click here

Assistant Directors:

  1. Bailey Benoit

  2. Andres Labastida

  3. Sean O’Pry

OSU Links:

OSU Band Home

OSU Music Home

Oklahoma State University Home

Study Files for Tunes:

* First Rehearsal Goals

William Tell Overture *

Everybodys Everything *

Rubberband Man *

Hold On, I'm Comin'*

Call Me *

Basket Case *

Come Out and Play *

The Impression That I Get *

Sell Out


Free Ride

Crazy Train

Time Warp

Do Watcha Wanna

Trilogy *

Oklahoma *

Dudley Do Right

Rock and Roll *

Alma Mater *



A - Baylee Deo

A - Jillian Landers

B - Max Meckling

B - Courtney Pimm


B - Hayden Alexander

B - Cayden Clark

A - Austin Shay

A - Luke Swanson

Alto Sax:

B - Austin Brown

B - Brady Collier

A - Mason Miller

A - Troy Olive

B - Joey Skaptason

A - Lydia Vaughn

Tenor Sax:

A - Amanda Lara

A - Josh Stuckey

B - Abby Pawloski

B - Chelsea Williams

Trumpet 1:

B - Clayton Blakestad

A - Kobe Goree

B - Will Mohr

B - Jacob Proctor

A - Andrew Stafford

A - Nathan Mears

Trumpet 2/3:

B - Elizabeth Fry

B - Connor Gilbert

A - Will Roche

A - Christian Thiel

A - Trevor Wapp

B - Sabra Winbolt

B - Tyler Johnson



Updated March 1, 2022 at 8:46 AM

*corrected January 19, 2022*

We still have a need for trombones, mellophones and a couple more trumpets (scroll down for open spots that still remain).... You can contact wayne.bovenschen@okstate.edu for more information!!!


  1. BulletAuditions will be submitted by video submission.  Sign up HERE.

  2. BulletAudition etude is SHORT - Everybody’s Everything from the beginning to letter C - Sheet music can be found HERE.

  3. BulletFor Drums and Bass - you need to play all of Everybody’s Everything as well as the Trilogy and basic drum styles for drummers.  Email Wayne for more information.  Sound files for Everybody's Everything and Trilogy.


Frequently Asked Questions


B - Jacob Diaz






Trombone 1:

A - Dylan Ryan

B - Jacob Tarrant



Trombone 2:

A - Adam Markiewicz

A - Colin McSperitt

B - Alex Harrison

B - Tim Gunsaulis

B - Connor Meyer

A - Zack Thrasher




A - Josie Bryant

B - Max Johnson

B - Kareem Sawan

A - Raynova Shelton


B - Alleyn Campbell

A - Daylan Pope

A - Avery Scammahorn

B - Justin Torres

A - Tucker Wilson


B - Nate Crossland


A - Josh Jones

B - Carter White

B - Michael Prince

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