Auditions for the 2019-2020 Academic Year


Videos will still be accepted - first live audition will occur Saturday, April 27 as outlined below.

Marching Band Only:

All first round auditions for percussionists wanting to gain membership in the OSU Drumline will do their their first audition via YouTube.  All that is necessary is a video of you playing the requested exercises described below.

This first audition will consist of exercises on ONE (or more) of the following instruments:

  1. Bulletsnare drum (traditional grip) - Snare Exercises

  2. Bullettenors - Tenor Exercises

  3. Bulletbass drum (play exercises on your drum of choice) - Bass Exercises

  4. Bulletcymbals (a moderately easy matched grip snare solo will suffice for 1st round) - Cymbal Ex. (you do not need to play cymbals exercises for the 1st round videos)

To be included on the video:

  1. BulletStick Control @120

  2. BulletDerp Diddles @156

  3. BulletSeivac @120

  4. BulletBluelight Special @152

  5. BulletMartian Mambo @128 (you must email Wayne Bovenschen to get an email copy)

YouTube videos to help with audition material:

First round auditions will be heard throughout the months of March and early April.

Results from the first round of auditions will be posted online with final audition material in early April. The final audition for the 2019 OSU Marching Percussion Ensemble for those who pass the first round will occur on Saturdays, April 27 and May 4, 2019 from 9:00am to 4:00pm . Size of the line will vary dependent upon the talent level of those auditioning. The most likely instrumentation is:

  1. BulletSnares: 9

  2. BulletTenors: 5-6

  3. BulletBasses: 7

  4. BulletCymbals: 6

NOTICE:  In 2016, it was decided by the directors of the marching band that there would no longer be a front ensemble in the OSU Marching Band.  Keyboard specialists are encouraged to participate in percussion ensemble if they want to continue performing in college, or audition for one of the battery instruments in the OSU Drumline.


Music Majors (and non-majors wanting to apply for studio membership):

Please visit the OSU Music Audition page for all of the latest information on auditioning for a spot in the OSU Percussion Studio.  Audition dates are February 1, 8 and March 1, 2019.  If you need any further information OR you need to request an alternate date for auditions, please email Wayne Bovenschen or call (405) 744-8983 to request and alternate date. We are trying to complete all auditions by the end of February, 2019. All students should plan to perform solos on the following instruments:

  1. BulletConcert Snare

  2. BulletEXAMPLES: an etude from The Solo Snare Drummer by Vic Firth, Portraits in Rhythm by Anthony Cirone or Twelve Studies for Snare Drum by Jacques Delecluse.

  3. BulletRudimental Snare

  4. BulletEXAMPLES: any solo by Marty Hurley, Mitch Markovitch, Art Cappio, Charley Wilcoxon or John Pratt; The Rudimental Cookbook (Ed Freytag).

  5. BulletKeyboards (two and/or four mallets)

  6. BulletEXAMPLES: Yellow After the Rain (Mitchell Peters), Spanish Dance (Kai Stensgaard), Two Mexican Dances (Gordon Stout), Three Preludes (Ney Rosauro), Furioso and Valse in D Minor (2 mallets) (Earl Hatch), any ragtime solo by George Hamilton Green (2 mallets).

  7. BulletTimpani

  8. BulletEXAMPLES: Sonata for Timpani (John Beck), Raga No. 1 (William Cahn), Eight Solos for 4 Timpani (Elliott Carter) or etudes from Twenty Studies for Timpani by Jacques Delecluse, The Solo Timpanist by Vic Firth or Musical Studies for the Intermediate Timpanist by Garwood Whaley.

Of course, all state audition material can be used if you desire, but we do encourage all auditionees to try to learn something new on keyboard. There are MANY other solos that can be used - the above are just common suggestions for students to consider.

In addition, knowledge of rudiments, scales, and timpani tuning is helpful. Sight reading on snare and keyboard will also be given. Any student who has a conflict on the audition date, or would like more information for the 2019-2020 academic year should contact Wayne Bovenschen via email or call (405) 744-8983 for additional information.