Concert Percussion Ensembles

The Oklahoma State University Concert Percussion Ensemble was formed in the Spring semester of 1988 with 18 members in it's inaugural performance. Since this debut, the ensemble has been committed to performing both current and classic works for the Stillwater, Oklahoma community. Guest artists who have performed with the ensemble include Steve Houghton, Ed Shaughnessy, Ney Rosauro, and Arthur Lipner. Other artists who have performed solo performances include Nancy Zeltsman and Double Image. In November of 1996, OSU was selected as one of two university ensembles to present a showcase concert at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC) in Nashville, Tennessee. This marks the first time OSU has performed at this event.  The ensemble was once again invited to perform a Showcase Concert at PASIC 2014 in Indianapolis , Indiana.

Traditionally, there are two Percussion Ensembles offered. Percussion Ensemble I rehearses from 12:30 - 1:45 on Tuesday and Thursday. Percussion Ensemble II rehearses in the Fall MWF from 12:30-1:20 and MW from 1:30-2:45 in the spring. Auditions occur in the first week of the fall semester and late October for the spring semester.

Marching Percussion Ensembles

The OSU Marching Percussion Ensemble has actively participated in various competitions and exhibitions through the years. Recently, the ensemble performed three nights with the Ballet Oklahoma in Oklahoma City on April 17-19, 1998. Artistic Director Bryan Pitts created the original choreography to Apocalyptic Dreams by David Gillingham (arranged by Wayne Bovenschen), Rhythm Song by Paul Smadbeck and Marimba Spiritual by Minoru Miki (arranged by John Cypert and Richard Jones of the University of Georgia). This marks the first time a professional ballet company has combined with a marching percussion ensemble.

Following is a brief synopsis of other performances by the OSU Marching Percussion Ensemble: See the "PASIC" link for video files of PASIC shows

  1. 2012: PASIC 12 (Austin, TX). Symphony No. X - Dimitri Shostakovich. Second place (of three).

  2. 2011: PASIC 11 (Indianapolis, IN). Invited Exhibition Performance with Michigan State University and the University of Massachusetts.

  3. 2006: PASIC 06 (Austin, TX). Proud and Immortal - Wayne Bovenschen. Fifth place (of six).

  4. 2004: PASIC 04 (Nashville, TN). Apocalyptic Dreams - David Gillingham. Fifth place (of eight).

  5. 2001: PASIC 01 (Nashville, TN). Piano Concerto No. 3 - Sergei Prokofiev. Second place (of six).

  6. 2000: WGI Mid-America Regional (Tulsa, OK). Symphony No. X - Dimitri Shostakovich. First place PIW (of one!).

  7. 1998: Collaboration with Ballet Oklahoma (Oklahoma City, OK). Apocalyptic Dreams - David Gillingham / Marimba Spiritual - Minoru Miki

  8. 1996: PASIC 96 (Nashville, TN). Apocalyptic Dreams - David Gillingham. Sixth place (of eighteen).

  9. 1995: PASIC 95 (Phoenix, AZ). Symphony No. X - Dimitri Shostakovich. Third place (of six).

  10. 1994: PASIC 94 (Atlanta, GA). Piano Concerto No. 3 / Field of the Dead - Sergei Prokofiev. Sixth place (of twelve).

  11. 1993: Black Gold Invitational Band Contest exhibition (OSU). American Salute, City Slickers, Funny.

  12. 1992: Oklahoma Music Educators Association State Convention clinic (Oklahoma City). Hoedown - Aaron Copland (arranged Brad Halls and Wayne Bovenschen) and Third Wind - Pat Metheny (arranged Todd Malicoate and Wayne Bovenschen).

  13. 1991: Spartan Marching Percussion Festival (Northbrook, IL). Third Wind - Pat Metheny, Teen Town - Weather Report (arrangements by Todd Malicoate and Wayne Bovenschen), and Jeh, Jeh, Rah - Matt Savage. Fourth place.

  14. 1990: Spartan Marching Percussion Festival (Northbrook, IL). Karn Evil 9, Part II - Keith Emerson, YYZ - Rush, Broon's Bane - Alex Lifeson, and Spyro Gyra - Dan Spaulding. Third place.
  15. 1989: Spartan Marching Percussion Festival (Northbrook, IL). Piano Concerto No. I - Keith Emerson, Hoedown - Aaron Copland/Keith Emerson, Endless Enigma, Part II - Keith Emerson, Karn Evil 9, Part II - Keith Emerson. Second place.

* All arrangements by Wayne Bovenschen unless otherwise noted *



Andrew Arambula

Nick Ashmore

Aaron Carmichael

Nathan Carroll

Jacob Chitwood

Jessica Gore

Jacob Ikeda

Tiffany Johnson

Andrew Johnston

Madison McCandless

Emily Tran







Thomas Borgman

Caleb Hessert

Blake Hilligoss

Derek Johnson

Seth Liggins

Avery Nichols

Sara Shelton

Courtney Stott

Cole Strickling

Remi Thornton


Nick Ashmore (timp)

Andrew Johnston

Madison McCandless


Caleb Hessert

Derek Johnson

Seth Liggins

Avery Nichols

Courtney Stott

Remi Thornton*

Thomas Borgman (ex)


Kaysie Adair

Thomas Borgman

Josh Henson

Derek Johnson

Matt Ludlow

Kevin Moseni

Avery Nichols

Ramsey Thornton


Brandon Adams

Calvin Blaisdell

Aaron Carmichael

Matt Durkee

Matt Miller

Sam Weaver


  1. 1.Alexis Goad

  2. 2.Tiana Jones

  3. 3.Landon Acree

  4. 4.Braden Wagoner

  5. 5.Janek Bahkta

  6. 6.Rhema Baissa

  7. 7.Caleb Hessert


Makenzie Darby

Ryan Darcy

Zoe Eager

Nadia Keeley

Allen Largent

Trysten Loyd

Christian Lunsford

Sara Shelton


Instructors - Wayne Bovenschen

Section Leaders - Kevin Moseni & Matt Durkee

Sub-section leaders:

Snares - Kevin Moseni;

Tenors - Matt Durkee;

Bass - Alexis Goad;

Cymbals - Makenzie Darby & Nadia Keeley

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Thomas Borgman*

Nathan Carroll

Jacob Chitwood

Blake Hilligoss

Sara Shelton